Freakin' Genius

This is pretty damn good. It's not Smirnoff viral good, but it's good.
When I first saw this I thought it was another Smirnoff viral video (like Green Tea Partay). But this one's for Dr. Pepper, and it's friggin' hilarious. Love it.


Moving a Nation


Why So Serious?

Now, this is how you promote a damn movie! First, the site featured a Wanted poster for The Joker along with an incomplete police report.

That went down.

Then a couple weeks ago it was replaced with a pumpkin. A pumpkin with the Batman logo carved in it and a flickering candle inside. One side of the pumpkin slowly rotted over the two weeks.

Now, this is what's up: a national scavenger hunt to reveal a message. Ingenious.

Clown Around


Holiday Inn UK

The UK chain of Holiday Inn hotels actually offers something unique that I've never heard of a hotel doing before. The offer a pillow menu. Five different types of pillows (from super soft to plush to hard) that you can choose to ensure a good night's sleep. Pretty cool. And more proof that it's the little things that matter to people.


Help Disarm Your Clients

The most difficult part of selling, any salesman will tell you, is handling objections and questions (which often border on the absurd). Here's a site that takes some of the most common hurdles thrown up by clients and presents possible ways of leaping them.

Ideas on Ideas


Make Skin Cancer Fun!

This actually is pretty cool. And good for people who aren't ready to commit to a real tattoo. Besides, let's face it, just laying out in the sun is pretty boring; this gives you a reason to keep on not moving...

  • Body Art That Fades with the Season!
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    Fffound is a fffun site. Great site for inspiration, images, cool shit. Really whatever your heart desires.
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